Google, CNet

In case you haven't heard, these two companies are having a bit of an argument.

It goes something like this:

  1. Some guy complained to Google that his personal information was easily accessible on Google, and he didn't like it.
  2. Google said, basically, tough beans.
  3. CNet writes an article about this, and as an example, uses Google to find personal information about Eric Schmidt.
  4. Google throws a temper tantrum, and says they won't speak to CNet for a year.

Google is, of course, within their right to do this.  But the
problem I have with it is that it puts every other news organization on
notice:  Say something Google doesn't like, and lose access to
Google's people.  How can we trust what anyone says about Google
from now on?

What I think should happen is other news organizations should take this
more seriously, and commit to stop talking to Google's people until
Google backs down.  That would be only fair.