Cottage Week

I'm back from a week off near Haliburton, Ontario (Carnarvon, actually, but most online maps don't seem to have Carnarvon).  We rented a cottage for the week, first time I've done that, and I have a few things I want to do differently next year:

  • Find one with Air Conditioning.  Yeah I know, you're supposed to be roughing it.. but when it's 42 degrees with the humidex, it's hard to have any fun. 
  • Figure a time of year when bugs are less active.  We couldn't go outside between 6pm and 10pm because of the bugs.

Overall we had a great time.  I spent some time on the dock in the morning with my coffee and Powerbook playing old arcade games via MAME.  Crazy Climber, Super Pac Man, Pepper II.  The kind of stuff I love doing and wouldn't normally spend time doing.