Apple to use Intel chips?

According to CNet, Apple's going to switch to using Intel chips in the Mac line.

I find that thought somewhat depressing.  It's hard to explain exactly why...

I think it has something to do with that the x86 architecture, what we
call a PC, is what's gone wrong in the computer industry. 
Spyware, viruses, crap.. much of this doesn't touch the Mac
platform.  Now, I know that this isn't because it's a different
CPU architecture, but once you have an x86 based Mac, here are some
concerns I have.

First, dual-booting a PC and a Mac on the same hardware?  Would
Apple make their OS generic enough to run on a Dell?  Probably
not.  But are they going to make it artificially different, just
to avoid running on commodity hardware?  Folks will find a way
around that.

The next thing that seems likely is that Apple or someone will come up
with an execution environment in which you can run Windows
applications.  VirtualPC, but without the instruction set
translation.  Once the Mac can run Windows apps fast enough that
they're usable, the need for PC developers to port lessens.  End
result is less good Mac software.

I guess time will tell, but this seems to have the potential to make the Mac platform into something much less unique.