Podcasting, videoblogging

In my opinion, one of the best things about RSS is that when I'm reading your writings in my aggregator, everything but what you're trying to say is stripped away.  It doesn't matter if you have good graphic design skills or whether you're a skilled web designer; what matters is what you've got to say.  As long as you can express yourself clearly and you have fresh ideas, that's all it takes.

Podcasting requires that you also be a DJ.  It's just natural that people will prefer to listen to well-produced material, and the stuff that Dave Winer's is doing in his car works for him because people are willing to put up with some bad presentation to hear what he has to say (because his writings have proved him), but it's more likely that people will prefer to listen to the stuff that Adam Curry is producing because, well, it's slick.  And way beyond the means of most bloggers.

Videoblogging is just another (big) step in the wrong direction.

I'm definitely in favour of subscribable audio and video content; I'll even pay for it if it's good (which I probably wouldn't do for text content).  But I think it loses a lot of what makes a blog a blog.

I like the term 'podcast', because it doesn't imply that a podcast is a blog entry.  But videoblogging (which Scoble keeps talking about) does.  Maybe we need a new term for subscribable video content.  Then again, with future iPods rumoured to be including video support, perhaps the term podcasting will serve just fine.