ASP.NET 2.0 First Impressions

Well so far so good; I have a site mostly working, including user management, in about 6 hours of coding. 

Some parts of it have been very easy.  The master page mechanism
works beautifully - my outer template is shared across all the pages,
and CSS ensures I get the same look everywhere.  I haven't played
with Web Parts yet, but I did use the Login View to have some links
that are only visible to logged in folks.

The part that I find I'm spending most of the time on is creating
objects for the data I'm going to be storing, and creating the database
table, and mapping from the object to the table.  This is always a
long tedious part, and I was hoping we'd have Whitehorse (the OR mapper
that we were initially promised for Whidbey) to help with this; I guess
the fact that there isn't any other help with this means they were
planning on having Whitehorse in Whidbey, but here I am mapping objects
to records the old fashioned way.