My Next DotNetNuke Project

My Restaurant Thing is a busy site - it has thousands of users and can see 10k hits on a busy day.

I'm looking to migrate it from my own ASP.NET architecture to being a DotNetNuke site.

This really shouldn't be too difficult - I implemented the 'back end' stuff as a web service, so I can continue to use the web service for the new site (actually leaving them both running for a while). I need to create DotNetNuke modules for all the functionality that the site offers, which at this point I think is just a 'List' module, a 'Detail' module, a 'Search' module, and some way for these modules to talk to each other.

The first step was writing a skeleton module, which I just finished: I have a DotNetNuke module that connects to the web service and simply shows the number of restaurants in the database. Cool.

I put my first new module on the front page of my site.