What an incredible disaster - it's amazing how much destruction nature can cause. 

Reaction online has been interesting to follow.  I've started working on a little project that involves pulling text from feeds all over the place, and one thing that struck me is how little people are talking about it.  115k+ people died but it's hardly worth mentioning. 

The contrast between this and 9/11 is amazing - On 9/11 most websites, most people, said something.  Somewhere around 3500 people died on 9/11, and today we have a disaster that's suddenly killed over 30 times as many people, and it's just not worth talking about.

(Obviously the major sites - news organizations and whatnot - are talking about the Tsunami, but I'm talking about bloggers, average people, and what's on their minds.  Many high-profile bloggers are talking about it, but on the whole, it's a small amount

In a sampling of 50,000 random blog entries posted in the last few days, 2.52% of them mentioned the tsunami.

That seems like a pretty small number to me.