EverQuest 2 Launch

EQ2 is live.

I'd tell you how it is but I haven't got my copy yet.

I preordered it from Sony over 2 months ago, and this is the 4th day the game has been live, but my isn't here yet.

I could go to EB Games and pick up a copy; they have it on the shelf.. But no, I had to preorder it.

I've mentioned preordering before and what a bad idea it is, but Sony had a special offer if you preordered EQ2 - they were going to include some extra stuff. Once I'd preordered, though, the preorder kits showed up in stores, so everyone buying it in a store could get the same stuff I preordered it for.

There's also the Collector's Edition, which I ordered for my 2nd account (my wife plays). You'd think someone who orders the collectors edition would be a hardcore player, the kind of person you'd really want to make sure got the game on time right?

Well they screwed up preparing the Collector's Edition kits, and haven't even shipped them yet. But they're gonna make up for it by letting me cancel my order. Wow, thanks. Way to treat your long-time customers. I'd link to a story about it, but apparently the website is (still) broken.

I was at a friend's place last night fixing his network connection, and he'd picked up EQ2 in a store, lucky him, so I helped him install it and get online. It was a painful process because apparently all the EQ2 related servers (the login server, the website) were overloaded. Once we'd typed in the account ID and set everything up, the game said we didn't have a valid subscription. Retrying about 20 minutes later let us in. It took many tries typing in the login info and having it try to connect, fail, and asking me to check my connections, before it would let us into the game.

I guess 5 years of experience running EQ didn't help them prepare for the EQ2 launch.