SQL Express and Visual C# Express

I want to play with the CLR integration in SQL Express.  I installed Visual C# Express, but I couldn't figure out how to connect to a database - creating a database didn't work, the command-line tools didn't work...


So I ended up downloading the full package of SQL Express and installing it, after installing the Visual C# Express setup which also included it.. it works now.


Once I got it installed, the Create Database UI in the IDE wasn't working for me, so I created the database using the command line tool OSQL.EXE:


  osql -s machinename -E


It should give you a prompt, where you can type the commands to create a database:


  1> create database foo

  1> go


Now you can quit, and go back to the IDE and connect to database foo.


Maybe this will help someone else who's having the same problem.  Any other tips, post 'em as comments.