RSS “user experience”

This article says that the user experience for aggregators and subscribing right now sucks.  That's pretty obvious.

A solution that would work:  Treat RSS like Usenet newsgroups.  Either make Outlook Express support RSS (using a NewsGator type interface), or make RSS Bandit support NNTP, but either way, do them both in the same interface.

Then when you click on an RSS link, feed the click to the “default aggregator” the same way clicking on a news:// link takes you to your default newsreader.  The default aggregator can give you the ability to subscribe the same way Outlook Express gives you the option to subscribe.

RSS is a lot like Usenet, except that the target isn't a topic, the target is a single publisher.

IMHO skinning the RSS to make it readable is just confusing.  Use a stylesheet to say “you need an aggregator to read this” (in a nice way) and leave it at that.