Smilies and parentheses.

Something I've always wondered about.. if I open a parentheses, and then want to end the parenthesized portion of text with a smiley, do I have to also close the parentheses?


Having two close-parentheses would be correct, since the first one is the mouth of the smiley and the second is the actual close parentheses, but “:))” also looks like some strange kind of smiley. 


So which do you prefer:


  Hello (This is a test :)




  Hello (This is a test :))


I'm only really wondering since I upgraded my forums and the new version of supports smilies.  I don't have any smilies installed, so I don't get to smile anyway, but if I did..


So if you have an opinion please post it to my shiny new forum.  Thanks.  :)