Microsoft Media Center Extender for XBox

Microsoft has released some details on their XBox Media Center Extender Kit.  I bought the Microsoft XBox Music Mixer, and I must say that if this is an example of what Microsoft thinks we want in a convergence device, they're headed in the wrong direction.


The XBox Music Mixer is a good idea - it lets you transfer music from your PC to your XBox. But the implementation is horrible.


All I want is to be able to drag/drop music from my PC to my XBox, but the Music Mixer turns this into a painful, and painfully slow process.  It wouldn't be so bad that it was slow if I could just select all the music I wanted to transfer and let it go, but it has an artificial limit to the number of files you can do at a time.


It's like they want to support the feature because that's what people want, but they don't want to make anyone (music industry, movie industry, whoever) mad... so they implement it with seemingly as little functionality as they think they can get away with.


The Media Center Extender Kit only works with Windows XP Media Center edition, which I have no use for.  I have a PC hooked up to a projector that I watch movies and listen to music on, but hey it's the wrong edition of Windows so I guess I'm out of luck.  I don't see any reason to have an entire separate edition of the OS just to add media functionality.