New ZIM SMS Chat Build Available

A new pre-release test version of ZIM SMS Chat is available, here:
This is the app I posted about previously.  I've fixed a number of bugs, and enabled a feature that I don't think was enabled last time:  Peer to peer message forwarding.  If I send an SMS message to your cell phone, and you're also running ZimChat, then the message will be delivered to your PC directly instead of being sent to your phone.
This makes it a lot more convenient to use the app since if the person you're talking to is at their desk, they get the message there (where it's more convenient to read it and respond, and where there's no possibility of being charged for receiving it) and if the person is not online, it goes to their phone.  If they are online, but away (idle for more than 5 minutes), the message gets delivered to their PC, and then their PC forwards it to their phone.
Oh and one other change in this version compared to the previous one:  While we're in a testing stage, the app will be free to use; you can send all the SMS messages you want, no charge.
Any problems, please let me know.