Marc Source Release

I posted about Marc on my old blog, and kinda promised that I'd release it someday, but never did.
Marc is my Music Archive Manager.  It's a program for managing a collection of songs.  Here's some of what makes it unique:
  • It's multi-user.  The database knows about users, knows which users own which songs, and keeps ratings separate for each user.  This is great in a house where there's more than one person and you all want to share the same music library.  It's especially good if your tastes differ, since it's a pretty simple thing to make it build a playlist of songs that everyone likes (or at least, that nobody hates).
  • It's multi-device.  Using .NET Remoting, one player instance can control another player instance.  This means I can fire up my laptop and control the player on the computer that's hooked up to the stereo..
  • It works with Tags, not Categories.  Imagine you have a nice mellow instrumental version of White Christmas.  Do you categorize it as Christmas?  Or Instrumental?  With Marc, you can create as many Tags as you want, and then tag songs with more than one tag.  So if you tag the song as Instrumental, Christmas, and Mellow, then later on when you want to hear some mellow instrumental music that doesn't involve Christmas, you can do it.  This is a much more flexible way to manage your music than just with categories; I'm surprised I haven't seen it in other software.
If some other program implemented these features then I'd switch, but I haven't seen anything yet.  I got most of Marc working a year and a half ago, and I've been using it ever since - it's stable, but I never created a setup or any easy way to deploy it (including creating a database, etc). 
So for now I'm going to release the source code, and see if anyone else is interested in doing that.  If anyone wants to pick this up and polish it let me know and we can set up revision control somewhere (believe it or not I'd prefer SourceForge to GotDotNet, GDN is just too slow).
Oh, and here's a screenshot.  Everyone likes screenshots.  :)
The source is here:  Binaries not included so you'll need to build it.. Once you build it, create a database, start the MarcDbService, edit the .config file for the client and run it.  I'm sure there are other steps, so email me if you can't get it going (