A Simple Picture Viewer

I've been using an old shareware app to look through photos on my computer and I wanted something a little newer.. didn't find anything I really liked so I started my own.  It's still pretty basic, but here's a link to an MSI installer:
Download the Picture Viewer installer file.  It requires the .NET framework, and I'm not sure if the installer will automatically get it for you or not - if not, get it from Windows Update.
Some things of note:
  • It's pretty lightweight; the executable is 52k.  Of course it uses the .NET framework so that's not really a fair measure of anything.
  • It loads any image format supported by the framework; I know this includes PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, and maybe others.
  • It defaults to scaling the image to fit into a preview, hit enter and it gives you a full-screen view.
  • Hit DEL anytime to delete the image you're looking at.  (This was the feature that motivated me to write the app - going through a collection of images taken on my digital camera and deleting all the ones I don't like is easier when you can do it with a single keystroke).
  • Space bar will take you to the next image when in full screen; Enter will get you out of full screen.
  • Backspace goes up a directory.
I've never tried having Visual Studio.NET build the installer for me before so let me know if you have any problems with it (or any features you'd like to see).  I'm probably going to continue working on it until it does everything I want, but for now it's pretty close.
(I'll post the source for it soon).