Note to Unix developers working on Win32 for the first time

Windows does not suck.  Windows is not horribly broken.  Windows is not a big stinking pile of dog poo.

I don't want to sound like some sort of Microsoft apologist here, but really it's been my experience that if you go into Windows development with the assumption that Windows is some sort of horribly flawed OS that people just assume will crash or fail in random ways for no reason (well, that's what I read on Slashdot), you're more likely to assume that if your code crashes or doesn't work very well, it's the operating system's fault.

I think the assumption that Windows is slow or crappy or broken is an excuse that non-Windows developers use to write sub-standard Windows code.

Man, I sound like Scoble here.

BTW, Windows 95 / 98 / Me sucks and was a horribly broken stinking pile of dog poo.  I'm talking about the NT based kernels here.  The earlier OSes had limitations that led to the OS falling over under fairly normal usage.