Write on the web bubble?

Om Malik's comments on writing on the web.

What I don't understand is why there isn't more work underway to make the browser a better rich client.

We've been typing into browsers for what, 10 years now? And the browser still doesn't have a built-in rich text editor. Not only that, but even though there's a real need for it, it doesn't seem like it's on the horizon either.

Windows has a rich text edit control built-in, and other platforms do as well; all we need is a standard way to hook it up in the browser.

AJAX started out as a proprietary Internet Explorer extension, and now it's all the rage. If it takes one browser to deviate from the standard and add a rich editor in a proprietary way for it to become this sort of defacto standard, then go for it. We need it.

Do any browsers already have this? I know Internet Explorer has ActiveX, but that's not really an extension other platforms can adopt..