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EC2 and Windows

Monday, October 27th, 2008

EC2 is Amazon’s “computing in the cloud” infrastructure. Curious, I found this Getting Started page that documents how to bring up a machine in the cloud. It’s a bit like rocket science. Today Microsoft announced Windows Azure, their own cloud computing infrastructure. I expect Microsoft will nail the tooling part and make it dead simple […]

Bill Gates and Seinfeld

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Microsoft has come out with their first ad response to the Get a Mac ad campaign by Apple. I don’t get it. It’s fun and whimsical, but it seems like one of those videos you show at the start of a company meeting, not something you use with mass media to try to improve your […]

One of those days: Windows Home Server Edition

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Okay, it’s probably not WHS’s fault, but an hour or so ago WHS told me that it needed to repair the system drive. No problem, I told it to go ahead. That’s the last I heard from WHS. I went downstairs to check, and found a black screen telling me that c:\windows\system32\config\system is corrupt. Sigh. […]

Vista Insomnia Cure

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Last month I blogged about a problem I’d been having where my Vista machine kept waking up for no apparent reason. I think I’ve found out what was happening. The computer in question was my old Windows Media Center box, now decomissioned. I deleted the user accounts and created new ones, but I didn’t wipe […]

Vista Insomnia

Monday, July 7th, 2008

I have a fairly decent old system that I am repurposing to use as a main floor computer, something that will be used occasionally for playing a video for my son or maybe playing music. The computer I’m using used to be my Media Center, and so never needed to go to sleep. But in […]

Xbox DRM Migration Tool

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Microsoft released a tool that lets you move your content licenses from one console to another. This is a great thing for me because my 5 previous repairs (between Christmas 2005 and Christmas 2007) left me with content licensed to a mish mash of consoles, and a lot of content I purchased not tied to […]

Ars Technica on the .NET Framework

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Ars Technica is posting a series on Cocoa (the Mac UI framework) and part of it is a comparative look at the .NET Framework. And in my opinion, it’s not very fair. Here’s a quote: The .NET library does work. It more or less has all the main pieces you need, but it’s full of […]

Please Stop Reorganizing MSDN

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Oh look, another Google search result that leads to an MSDN page that’s gone missing (the 2nd link on the results page, at least as of right now). This happens far too often.  There’s really no excuse for Microsoft not realizing by now that search engines index their site, and that users use search engines […]

MyTV Genie

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

I use Windows Media Center as my PVR, and for the most part, like it a lot.  It’s a huge step up from the PVR capability built into the cable box that Rogers supplies, although it can’t do HD. Something simple like “record every new episode of a show” is not possible with the Scientific […]

Acid2 in IE8

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

It’s cool that Microsoft has announced that IE8 passes the Acid2 test (in “IE8 Standards Mode” – I sure hope that mode is enabled by default. But what I found interesting is how they announced it: By showing the check-in mail that signified the committing of the code that implemented the fix into the main […]